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More Americans are purchasing real estate and retiring outside the United States than in previous years.

So why do theyn retire abroad? Here are the main advantages retiring outside the US:

1. Retiring abroad is not that far and direct flights make trips back “home” easy

If you have your eye on Central America, Mexico or Canada, you’re not that far from family and friends. As soon as you get on a plane, if the flight is another one or two hrs, so what? That’s what retiring is about – having a little extra time for things you want to do.

2. You often save money when you retire abroad

While not true if you choose Europe or Canada, just about anywhere in Central America, Mexico, South America or even the Caribbean will be 50% less for your housing expenses. Retiring in comfort is a chance because you might have twice as much house or even the same amount of house and maybe a maid and cook!

3. Retiring abroad often brings a better local climate

If you retire abroad from Michigan (or many other states), the climate is likely to be much better in the previously mentioned places that are closer to the equator. You won’t see any snow at sea level in Costa Rica for instance. Retiring to a tropical paradise with warm weather and lots of sunlight, does that sound bad?

4. No comfort sacrificed when retiring abroad

You’ll still have excellent locations to dine, a flat screen TV, your subscription to Netflix and your high speed Internet connection. Yes, the rest of the world now enjoys the creature comforts that we have at home. While it may take a little longer to get any of the above because the pace of life is slower, is not that what retiring is all about?

5. Health care could be equal when you retire abroad

Make your inquiries before you move. While it is accurate that outside the United States healthcare won’t be up to the same standards, it’s also accurate that many Americans go abroad for their healthcare.  Many countries are competing hard for that business by hiring US doctors. You may have heard about ‘medical tourism.’ Americans go overseas as they discover the healthcare is equal and frequently 1/6 the price of the United States for a major operation. In addition, you are able to often get medical treatments that are not authorized in the US.

6. Retiring abroad provides many inexpensive services

Would it be okay with you to pay your gardener or maid $3 one hour? Or have personalized c produced that would cost $6,000 in the US for only $400? Since the cost of labor is really way less, your quality of life may be significantly improved so that you reside just like a rich person! You may not have imagined retiring could be so great.

Time to plan a few vacations and spend a week in a couple of locations to take a look at destinations that may be where you will spend many retirement yrs.

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